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Make better hires faster and save up to 80% of recruiters’ time with person-to-person texting.

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Job seekers expect an immediate response yet it can take busy HR departments days to respond to an online application. That doesn’t cut it today. With PivotCX, we’re connecting with candidates in seconds.

Tracy Laxton

Senior VP, Human Resources, Alpha Packaging

The immediacy of the response to our text broadcast blew us away. People who wouldn’t respond to emails or calls texted us. Things that would have taken us days or weeks to resolve in the past were handled in real-time. There is no question this is a game-changer for us.

Brandi Irish

CTE Recruiter/Advisor, Labette Community College

We saw how texting could accelerate the hiring process, improve the candidate experience, and really differentiate us in an already hyper-competitive labor market for caregivers.

Edward Demm

Manager of Talent Acquisition, Carefinders

How PivotCX Lets You Hire Faster

Accelerate Candidate Flow

Reduce time to hire by 50% with pre-interview screening. Make every candidate's first impression great with an immediate human to human conversation.

Texting was so much better than having to fill out a 30 minute application before knowing anything.

Melanie Z.

Camden, NJ

Relationships Built on Trust

Relationships are built on trust and communication. Set expectations and meet them through the entire recruiting process.

From the very beginning, I knew exactly where I stood in the application process and could easily communicate via text or phone with the recruiter and hiring manager.

Joseph P.

Software Developer
Carmel, IN

Always Stay in Touch

PivotCX enables conversational SMS chat for recruiting. Keep the conversation throughout  the recruiting process and beyond.

I don’t read my emails and won’t answer a call if I don’t know who it is. I am on my phone all the time, so texting worked great for me.

Arlene P.

Teaching Assistant
Denver, CO

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