Accelerate Your Candidate Flow

PivotCX is a candidate engagement platform that will help you make more hires faster.

Hire Faster.

Turbocharge your hiring process with person to person texting.

PivotCX lets you engage with  applicants the moment they apply, and ensures candidates get your message and respond -- in fact, on average 71% of candidates engage with PivotCX within 4 minutes of applying .

More Candidate Flow.

Turn past applicants into your next hire.

PivotCX makes it easy to engage with past applicants using the power of chat. With PivotCX you can engage your past applicants in seconds, and start scheduling interviews in minutes.

Reach 10x More Candidates

With PivotCX, recruiters are able to engage and have person-to-person conversations with up to 300 candidates per day. Best of all, your message will be read by the candidate  on average in less than 3 minutes. 

What You Can Do with PivotCX

Schedule Interviews

Use texting to quickly schedule interviews and send out reminders

Automated Campaigns

Trigger automated campaigns and chat bots upon status changes, when someone applies, or build your own rules. 


Person-to-Person Conversation

Chat with job applicants over text to more than triple your response rate

Job Apply Notifications

Increase complete applications by 40% or more by sending a text reminder whenever someone applies.

Works with Your HRIS and ATS

 No browser plug-in needed (but we have one). We connect with over 50 ATS and HRIS systems and can automatically import candidates. 

Improve Print Advertising

Add text keywords to your print advertising to increase conversion.

Capture Better Data

See exactly where all your candidates are in the hiring funnel with our easy to use dashboard.

Immediate Apply Engagement

Chatting immediatley with job applicants can more than double your conversion rate.

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