Engage for Success Radio: Employee Engagement at PivotCX

Engage for Success Radio: Employee Engagement at PivotCX

PivotCX learned a huge lesson about business when COVID-19 hit and they lost 85% of their business in March 2020. What was the surviving 15%? It corresponded to clients using the software to engage job applicants with a live person, right after they applied. Consequently, they pivoted. They rebuilt their business on the proposition that every job applicant should get to talk to a live human, every time, within minutes of applying. 

Mike and his team spent most of 2020 building new software, and a new way to recruit that puts candidate engagement front and center. They built it by working closely with the interns doing live chat for the customers that stayed on board, and by listening carefully to their customers. 

In short the Pivot worked.

The new software launched in January  2021, and PivotCX grew 183% that year. 

So far this year, fueled by the great resignation, in January and February, they’ve already beat 2021.

But… growth creates new challenges, and employee engagement at PivotCX has become crucial. Now their team shifted to growth mode. This means that the company leaders challenge employees to “give their job away” every few weeks as they scale up. Making sure every team member knows what is going on, feels valued, and important is crucial. 

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and software developer with deep experience in HR Tech. He heads up product operations and product development for PivotCX. 

Host: Jo Dodds

Improving Human to Human Interaction in Recruiting

Improving Human to Human Interaction in Recruiting

On this occasion, Mike Seidle joins Nicola  Steel, host of The Spotlight Series podcast to talk about the importance of improving the human to human interaction in the recruitment process. Also, how it speeds up the process while improving the candidate experience. 

When is it best to use chatbots and when a human is better? Chatbots are best for yes/ no questions but are terrible at carrying on conversations because they lack emotions such as empathy, adaptability and humor. His solution was to have live human conversations via text which is both efficient & inexpensive.

When building his teams, Mike looks for exceptional communication skills, a love of learning & shared values.  His advice to entrepreneurs is to ask questions & really listen to the feedback & also keep your ego in check!

His final piece of advice comes from Jack Welch – “Know the facts & act on them”!

Mike is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 businesses. Last year, he had to reinvent his company very quickly when his revenue dropped by 85% & PivotCX was born.

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LinkedIn: @IndyMike (Mike Seidle) 

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